1 Streenidhi AwardSthreenidhi award received by PO ITDA by Minister VELUGU on 08-9-2015 10.jpg
2 COE Students AwardsCOE students received awards in Science Exhibition 12.jpg
3 Success StoriesRevenue Department Success Stories 14.pdf
4 MEGA MEDICAL CAMPSMega Medical Camp Details organised by ITDA 18.pdf
5 Free Medical Camp DetailsFree Medical Camp Details organused at ITDA Seethampeta 19.pdf
6 School Health Activities at ITDA SeethampetaSchool Health Activities at ITDA Seethampeta 20.pdf
7 VELUGU TPMU ActivitiesVELUGU TPMU Activities at ITDA Seethampeta 21.pdf
8 Health Sensitization ActivitiesSensitization avtivities conducted to M& H staff at ITDA Seethampeta area 22.pdf
9 TRIBAL WELFARE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONSDetails of Infrastructure at TW Educational Insti 23.pdf
10 JOB Mela on 29-10-2015JOB MELA AT ITDA on 29-10-2015 in coordination with VELUGU TPMU 26.pdf
11 NUEPA Award to Sri V Malla Dy EO ITDA SeethampetaSri V Mallayya Dy EO ITDA received NEUPA award from Government of India on 10-12-2015 36.jpg
12 Article Published in NEUPA AWARDS MagazineArticle by Sri V Mallayya garu published 37.jpg
13 HorticultureCashew canopy management 2017-18 list 94.xlsx