There is a separate Irrigation division in  ITDA Seethampeta with qualified  Engineers  for taking up of irrigation works such as Irrigation tanks, Small Barrages and Channel systems etc., to provide irrigation to lands of   tribals.

  1.  To get lands under assured source of irrigation for sustainable agriculture and increased incomes and food security.
  2.  Construction of Pickup wears / Checkdams
  3.  Construction of M.I. Tanks
  4.  Construction of Channels
  5.  Providing Community Irrigation Wells

The Special Minor Irrigation Division, Seethampeta was formed during October’ 1990 for execution of M.I. works such as Construction of Check dams, Formation of New M.I. tanks, Improvements to existing M.I. tanks and excavation of channels etc., to provide irrigation facilities to the tribal ayacutdars in Tribal Sub Plan area of ITDA, Seethampeta which is covered over 20 mandals of Srikakulam District.
Accordingly, this Division has taken up several works i.e., 508 check dams,  562 M.I. tanks and 143 channels etc.,  from 1990-1991 to 2014-2015 and created irrigation facilities to an extent of 30760 acres belonging to 16278 ST families.