Girijan Cooperative Corporation ( GCC ) established in the year 1956 for the Socio-economic uplift of Tribals in the state of Andhra Pradesh is serving around 4.0 million tribals out of total tribal population of 5.2 millions in the State.


  1. To ensure procurement of Non Timber Forest Produce ( NTFP ) collected by the tribals and also Agricultural Produce ( A. P ) grown by the tribal farmers duly paying them remunerative prices and thereby eliminating middlemen and private traders who were indulging unfair trade practices.
  2. To ensure supply of Essential Commodities under the Public Distribution System (PDS) and other daily requirements ( D.Rs ) at reasonable prices to the tribal consumers through a net work of Daily Requirement ( D.R ) sales Depots.
  3. To provide Short-term credit to the tribal farmers for their seasonal agricultural operation.
  4. To undertake activities such as grading and processing / value added to the NTFP and Agricultural produce purchased from the tribals to realize better sale returns.


With  a   view  to   expand   the  activities  of  GCC  a  Division  was  established  with  the headquarters at Seethampeta for effective functioning from September 1992.  This Division is covering the entire Srikakulam District.  There are two ( 2 ) Societies namely Seethampeta & Pathapatnam functioning in 2 Revenue Divisions and 14 Mandals under the control of this Division as detailed below.


Name of the Society

 Revenue Division

Name of the Mandal


GCM Society Ltd., Seethampeta


1)   Seethampeta




2)   Kotturu




3)   Bhamini




4)   Hiramandalam




5)   Pathapatnam




6)   Meliaputti




7)   Veeraghattam




8)   Palakonda


GPCM Society Ltd., Pathapatnam


1)   Tekkali




2)   Kanchali




3)   Mandasa




4)   Palasa




5)   Nandigam




6)   Saravakota