FOREST RIGHTS ACT – 2006 (Rules 2007)

As per the Act the following activities has been done so far

  1. Forest interface villages are identified.
  2. Each panchayath will be having Forest Rights Committee (FRC) and a Mobalizer to assist the FRC.
  3. Claims have been received by the FRC which were verified and the findings were placed before Grama Sabha.
  4. The survey is done by handheld GPS instruments.
  5. The Grama Sabha forwarded the proposals to Sub Divisional Level Committee ( SDLC) which in turn recommends to District Level Committee (DLC) headed by District Collector.
  6. The rights has been given by the DLC on behalf of State Government.
  7. The Tribal Welfare, Forest and Revenue Departments are involved in carrying out the work.

Activities Taken up in 1st Phase

  1. No of Mandals covered under RoFR Act         : 17
  2.  No of Grama Panchayaths Covered               : 131
  3.  No of individual claims settled           : 12565
  4.  Extent distributed                                        : 25322.63 acres
  5.  No of Community claims settled                   : 274 
  6.  Extent                                                         : 17179.30 acres

Activities Taken up in 2nd  Phase

  1. 2nd Phase survey conducted in Forest interface 16 Mandals and the following claims were pending at forest Department.
  2.  Individual claims identified : 4279      Extent   (Acrs) : 9280.34
  3.  Community claims identified: 64        Extent (Acres)  : 134.28