ITDA Agriculture

ITDA encourages,

  • Cereal crops such as Paddy and Millets such as Bajra, Jowar, Ragi are grown. Oil seeds such as Sunflower and Ground Nut are grown extensively.
  • Pulses such as Red gram, Green gram and Black gram are also grown extensively during Rabi season.
  • The area has an average rain fall of 1200 mm and hence crop yields are generally good.
  • Cereals and Millets are grown mostly for consumption while other crops and vegetables are for commercial purpose.
  • The Government provides seeds and other inputs on subsidized rates.
  • One Project Agriculture Officer and Agriculture Officers in concerned mandals will assist the Tribal farmers in this activity.



  • Supply of seeds i.e., paddy, Groundnut, pulses, millets seeds on subsidy
  • Supply of green manure seed on subsidy to improve the soild fertility status
  • Collection of soil samples and  issuing of soil testing carda’
  • Trainings to farmers on seed village programmes integrated nutrient management, integrated pest management crop production technologies  farm mechanization.
  • Organizing  Polambadi programmes
  • Organizing  Chandranna Rythu kshetralu
  • Seed village (seed banks) programmes
  • Polam Pilustunnadi in Tues day and Wednesday in every week
  • Promotion of Millets,i.e., Ragi, Bajara, jawar, Korra,  Sama cultivation
  • Monitoring crop loans to farmers
  • Implementation of N.F.S.M., RKVY, NMMOOP Schemes
  • Supply of Farm Mechanization implementing, oil engines, sprayers on  subsidy to farmers.